Link Accessories Round Up: Customizing Your Link System

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Link Accessories Round Up: Customizing Your Link System

The best thing about the Link system is how you can customize it to fit your lifestyle with your pup – whether you’re at-home snuggle buddies, constantly on the go, or living life on the water, Link’s accessories help customize your Link system to work for you – but where do you begin when the options can be a bit overwhelming? We’ve got the answers you need to choose the accessories that will fit you and your pup’s lifestyle.

The Link Puck
The Link Puck is a portable Bluetooth beacon that serves a variety of purposes. Some of the most common reasons our Link Pack members use the puck include:

  • Expanding your home safe place: The Puck helps “stretch” your home place to cover the full area/length of your home and connect to your dog’s Link device on each floor or at the far ends of a large home. Simply place a Puck on each story, or at the far ends of a long home to expand the coverage and reduce false away notifications when your Link is separated from your WiFi router’s reach inside your home.
  • Extending the battery life of your Link: Bluetooth is the most battery-efficient form of connection for your Link device. When your Link is connecting to a Link Puck as its primary safe place, this is the least taxing form of connection and thereby helps extend your Link device’s battery life by using the least amount of power to check in and communicate with the Puck (as opposed to WiFi or Cellular signal, which is the least battery-efficient form of connection).
  • Portable Safe Place: For our Link Pack members on the go, the Puck is an ideal portable safe place. If your dog spends a lot of time at a family member or friend’s home or you’re setting up camp for the weekend, the radius of the Puck serves as a place where your pup is assumed to be safe and secure. As long as your dog is within range of the Link Puck, your Link device will remain connected to the Puck’s Bluetooth signal and read as near that Puck. If your pup leaves the Puck’s signal radius, you’ll receive an away alert.


The Link Puck has a 2-year battery life and does not require charging – simply set your Puck up as a place in your app and you’re all set!
Learn more about the Link Puck

Link Wraps
Wraps are a fun way to accessorize your Link to match your dog’s favorite collar, celebrate the turn of the season, or simply showcase your pup’s big personality. Although the style aspect is a lot of fun, the wraps also serve a functional purpose – they help protect your Link device from minor dents, scratches, drops, and dust. The best part is the wraps are removable and reusable – simply pull it off, place it back on the sheet, and pick a new color or pattern when the mood strikes you!

Shop Link Wraps

BioThane Collar & Leash Sets
The Link-ready BioThane quick release & buckle collars and waterproof, odor proof, durable, and will help protect your dog's coat. These collars are handmade with materials produced in the USA. The Link fits snugly and securely to the collar with the Link clip attachment. Available in 4 color options in sizes M-XL. 
Shop the BioThane Collar & Leash Sets 


The Link-Ready DOOG Collar
The Link-Ready DOOG collar features a built-in Link attachment that securely holds your Link device close to the collar for a sleek and comfortable fit. Simply snap your Link device into place on the collar and you’re ready to go!

This stylish, lightweight collar is made from quick dry, water-friendly neoprene so it’s great for dogs with sensitive skin and even those prone to hot spots. The neoprene material contains an antibacterial agent and draws moisture away from the skin. Available in sizes S-XL.
Shop the Link-Ready DOOG Collar

Link Sleeve
For our super chewers, rough-housers, and multi-dog households we often recommend the Link Sleeve. Made from CORDURA® Ballistic Nylon fabric, the full-coverage Link Sleeve is our most durable attachment option. Fit for even the rowdiest playtime pups, this heavy-duty Velcro sleeve completely wraps over the Link device and holds it securely to your pet’s favorite collar or harness.
Shop the Link Sleeve

With Link, you know the system is customizable to best fit your and your pup’s lifestyle. No two pups are exactly alike, and with this, no two Link systems will be used exactly the same way. These options allow you to make the Link work seamlessly for you – and even the ability to style it to your liking, too!

Are there other accessories or system add-ons you’d love to see? Connect with us on Instagram and let us know! Our inbox is always open to suggestions from the Link Pack!

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