Why Does My Dog Poop So Much?

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Why Does My Dog Poop So Much?

You love your dog dearly, but how does one animal produce so much poop? Maybe he’s asking to go out over and over throughout the day, or maybe he’s started simply going on the carpet. Either way, it's a pain to clean up. You're also worried about his health. Why is my dog pooping so much? How do you get their poop schedule back to normal?

How Much Poop is Too Much Poop?

What many people would consider "a lot" of poop is actually healthy for dogs. They can go up to five times a day, and more is better than less. It's much more common for dogs not to poop enough: a sign that they're constipated. If your dog doesn't poop for more than a day or two, take him to the vet immediately.

But constipation is an issue for another blog. Today we're talking about too much poop. If your dog has always pooped a lot, then he’s probably fine. Puppies also poop more than adult dogs.

If his pooping frequency has suddenly increased as an adult, though, there could be a problem. Look at the consistency of the poop. It should be firm but wet and smell just a little. If it's soft or watery, that could be a sign that he has diarrhea or a parasitic infection.

Possible Causes of Pooping Too Much

There are several things that can lead to an increase in a dog's pooping frequency, including:

  • Too much food or snacking between meals.
  • Too much junk food.
  • Any sudden change in diet.
  • Diarrhea, parasitic infection, or another illness.
  • Roundworms or hookworms.
  • Emotional stress.
  • Age. Older dogs can have trouble holding it the way they used to, causing them to go more.

What to Do About Excessive Pooping

If you're accustomed to feeding your dog scraps after your own meals, or throughout the day, this can explain a few of the items on the list. It means he’s eating more than he should, and a lot of human food doesn't have the nutrients that he needs. Some of it can even be toxic to him!

Stop feeding your dog snacks in between meals (except the occasional dog treat for good behavior), and don't give him human food without researching to see if it's safe. Good foods to give your dog include canned pumpkin, cottage cheese, and boneless, skinless chicken.

Changing the brand or type of dog food you buy can also cause digestive problems, if you introduce it to him suddenly. Go back to the old brand and add just a little bit of the new kind to his bowl as well, so that he can acclimate to it gradually. Over the course of a couple of weeks, slowly change the ratio, adding more of the new food and less of the old each time, until you've successfully made the switch.

For emotional stress issues, a good course of action is more exercise. Take him to a dog park and let him play with other dogs or get him involved in swimming or another physical activity.

If the consistency of your dog's poop indicates diarrhea or parasites, or it has worms in it, or if any of the above solutions fail to work, take your furry friend to the vet. Your vet will perform an examination to determine the root problem and recommend a course of action, such as medication or a new diet.

With the right treatment, better food, and change of routine, hopefully your dog will be pooping healthily again soon.

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