Your Love of Dogs Can Make You Money

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Your Love of Dogs Can Make You Money

It’s no secret that being around dogs can help lift your mood and almost instantaneously bring a smile to our face. Some people, however, channel their love of dogs by choosing a career where they are able to be around dogs every single day. If the thought of going to work and being greeted by tailing wagging coworkers sounds exciting to you, take a look at this list of dog-focused jobs!

Doggie Daycare:

All over the country, more and more doggie daycare centers and indoor dog parks are opening up. People need a place to leave their dogs during the day, overnight or when they’re travelling for work or on vacation. They want a place that they can trust, with people that will treat all dogs like their own. If there are no doggie daycare centers in your area, you may want to consider opening one of your own!


Groomers are an integral part of the pet care industry. As a groomer, you can completely transform a dog’s outward appearance. Being confident and having the ability to comfort dogs, are great personality traits to have if you are considering dog grooming as a career. Did you know that the grooming industry is self-regulated? However, there are a ton of resources to help you become a groomer. Also, the AKC has a certification program called the S.A.F.E Grooming Program that you can complete once you are a groomer to further show your commitment towards grooming safety.

Veterinarian or Vet Technician:

There is a great need for veterinarians and vet techs all over the country. Becoming a veterinarian takes a lot of time and dedication. The four-year program to become a vet happens after your Bachelor’s degree. In fact, a Bachelor’s degree is not a requirement, but it is very difficult to gain admission to a vet school without one.

If you are hoping to begin your work in the animal care field sooner, becoming a vet tech is a great option. It usually takes 1-2 years to get a veterinary technician degree.

Dog Walker:

People are always looking for the right person to walk their pups. Whether you are hoping to work with dogs full time, or even as a part-time side hustle becoming a dog walker is a great idea. You could open your own dog walking company and even a full service dog walking and sitting service.

If you are just looking to walk dogs, watch them in their home, or board them in your home, there are great websites such as Rover that can link you up with people that are searching for quality care for their dogs.

Pet Photographer:

What could be better than staging a photo shoot with a litter of puppies? If you have a background in photography, or a desire to learn, pet photography can be a great choice for you. Pet Photographers are always needed for events, private photo shoots, photo shooter for magazines and websites, as well as at animal shelters.

If any of the above spark your interest, try finding someone local that is already in that field and ask if you can pick their brain to learn from them. Already fully invested in your current career but wish your canine companion was involved? See if your office would consider going dog-friendly or a company that proudly offers pet parent benefits.

Soon you’ll be well on your way to work weeks full of wet noses and puppy kisses!

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