9 Last Minute Holiday Gifts for Dogs & Dog Lovers

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9 Last Minute Holiday Gifts for Dogs & Dog Lovers

Stop chasing your tail trying to find the perfect gift for the dog and dog lover in your life. Here are 9 creative gift choices for pup people this holiday season:

  1. A subscription to Dognition let's dog lovers explore how their pup sees the world and their cognitive style through interactive games, online analytic tools and expert analyses.
  2. Spencer Quinn's novel Dog on It features a loyal, mystery-solving pooch named Chet. It's one of many heartwarming dog tales that makes an ideal gift for people who love books as much as their pups.
  3. Make your own holiday cookies for your pup! Here are 10 awesome recipes to choose from.
  4. Popping up on for savvy pet owners who love tech, the LINK AKC Smart Collar is a cool, trendy gift. And you can deliver a style upgrade with the awesome Sport Sleeve accessories!
  5. A gift card to Rover.com is great for anyone that uses their services to help take care of their furry companions.
  6. The Pooch Selfie is genius. At only $13, this smartphone attachment ensures you always get Roscoe's good side and is a must for dog lovers and aspiring pet photographers.
  7. Have a sock and a tennis ball around? Make a "sock o ball" toy for your dog.
  8. Let them choose what they want with a gift card to Chewy.com.
  9. Carli Davidson's photography captures doggies in motion. A print from her new series SHAKE is the perfect wall-hanger for a dog owner.

Budget a little busted this holiday season? Offer a weekend of dog sitting! Your dog-owning pals get time off, and you get to double-down on doggie time. Everyone wins!

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