Link Story: Jeff & Cadence

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Link Story: Jeff & Cadence

Star of the Story: Cadence
Pet Parent: Jeff
Home State: California

Jeff had been a long-time Link user for the peace of mind it gave him about the safety of his beloved golden retriever, Candence. One busy morning Jeff’s decision to keep Cadence equipped with her Link at all times paid off!


He recalls, “I left early in the morning to get to work. I left my gopher catcher working in the backyard, and he was supposed to finish up and leave shortly after I departed for work. About an hour later, I received an alert on my Link app that Cadence was away. I knew she was not scheduled for a walk with our dog walker that day, so I knew she had gotten out. (Spoiler alert: the gopher catcher didn’t properly latch the gate!)”

Quickly jumping into action, Jeff began tracking Cadence in the Link app, and found she had made her way a few streets over from home. Jeff notes that he lives on a busy street, so he was very concerned about finding her as quickly as possible. As he got closer, he could see Cadence was in the backyard of a neighbor’s home. When Jeff arrived to pick up Cadence and thank the neighbors for securing her away from the busy street, two young children answered the door with Cadence by their side. Their faces were filled with sadness, as they had been begging their mom to keep her if someone didn’t come to claim her. Their mom had assured them someone would certainly be looking for this beautiful golden, but they would see what happened.

Jeff remembers how elated he felt to have Cadence safely returned to him but felt so badly for the two kids who were heartbroken when he left with his pup. Jeff wanted to do something special for the family for helping keep Cadence safe, but the parents would not accept any monetary gifts. Jeff got the idea to gift the kids with a version of Cadence they COULD keep – so he set out to find the closest stuffed animal match that he could find. When the two stuffed animal pups arrived, Jeff walked them over (with the real Cadence tagging along!) to surprise the family.

Stuffed Golden

The kids were first and foremost thrilled to see Cadence again and were so excited to have stuffed animal replicas of Cadence that they could each keep to remember their new friend. They even cried tears of happiness!

Jeff recently ran into the father in the grocery store, who welcomed him to bring Cadence by to play with the kids anytime. For Jeff, all in all it was a wonderful ending to an alarming experience, with Cadence being safe and even making new friends in the process. Jeff says, “Thank you Link for locating Cadence quickly and efficiently!”

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