Link Story: Bianca & Tyke

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Link Story: Bianca & Tyke

Star of the Story: Tyke
Pet Parent: Bianca
Home State: California

As we celebrate the holiday season and quickly approach New Year’s Eve, the Link team turns our focus to ensuring pups are safe and secure during the nationwide New Year’s fireworks displays. While fireworks light up the night sky in celebration, the noise and unpredictability of fireworks often create anxiety and fear in many pups. In fact, the ASPCA reports that one-in-five lost pets go missing after being frightening by loud noises.

This brings us to how we met Bianca and Tyke -

When Tyke was just a young puppy, Bianca and a friend met up at a nearby dog park to let their dogs play together. The pups were having the time of their life on their playdate… until people started shooting off fireworks nearby. Bianca didn’t realize the gate to the dog park had been left slightly ajar when another group left, and when Tyke was startled by the loud noise of the fireworks, he bolted out of the open gate and away from the park.

Bianca remembers the fear she immediately felt for her new puppy’s safety and noted, “I ran faster that day than I ever had before!” After searching over 10 minutes for little Tyke, she thankfully found him about a block away. Right then and there, Bianca vowed to go home and search for a GPS tracker for Tyke, so she’d never have to experience that kind of fear and panic again. Her careful research led her to Link, and we’re so thankful it did! Bianca and Tyke have been faithful members of the Link pack for years.

“Thinking back to that day, I know that my mind would have been a little less scattered if I knew that Tyke had the Link collar on him.” she says. When moments matter, Link quickly and accurately tracks your pup’s location in real-time with advanced GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Cellular technology.

If you’re looking for ways to keep your pet protected from the unexpected and also connect with your pet in all areas of your day-to-day life together, click here to learn more about Link – the lightweight, waterproof smart pet wearable packed with features like GPS tracking, activity monitoring, training tools, an LED flashlight and so much more.

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