Link Story: Meredith & Smashy

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Link Story: Meredith & Smashy

Star of the Story: Smashy
Pet Parent: Meredith
Home State: Ohio

Meet one of the most dynamic duos in our Link pack- Meredith and Smashy. They found each other when Meredith adopted Smashy from a program that allows incarcerated non-violent offenders to train dogs and help them find forever homes. Meredith describes Smashy as an adventurous soul - she loves to run, hunt, and chase. Over time, the duo developed a healthy and comfortable routine that ensured Smashy was receiving plenty of exercise and the freedom to roam off her leash in safe areas. While off leash, Smashy knew that if Meredith called she was to come back right away. There had been a few instances of her not coming back as quickly as Meredith liked, but nothing that had raised real alarm bells so far.

One day while out exploring a familiar route, Smashy darted off into the tall grass after a small creature. For Smashy, this is routine behavior and she would typically return after the thrill of the hunt subsided. However, on this particular day that was not the case. Meredith called out, but Smashy didn’t return. After several minutes and no sign of Smashy, Meredith became frantic. For the next half hour, Meredith did everything she could to find her. When she had no luck, she called friends to help her search and they decided to retrace her steps all the way back home to make sure Smashy didn’t go home.

While retracing her steps, Meredith heard small whimpers and quickly headed in the direction of the sound. About 20 yards into the brush, she found Smashy with her leg caught in a wire! Smashy was exhausted, with cuts on her nose and face from trying to free herself. Luckily, Meredith was able to release Smashy’s leg and get her home without any severe injuries.

As soon as the pair got home, Meredith scoured the internet for a reliable GPS tracker for dogs.
She chose Link based on reviews and testimonials from other customers.

“The quality and accuracy of the GPS component were important to me,” said Meredith, “I believe that Link is the best system, not only for our needs but on the market. The customer service is incredible and I could not be happier with the company and device.”

Now, Smashy is able to roam freely off her leash and Meredith can have peace of mind thanks to Link. Meredith adds, “Smashy’s happiness and safety are the most important things for me. Link provides me comfort knowing that she is happy and safe.”

If you’re looking for ways to keep your pet protected from the unexpected and also connect with your pet in all areas of your day-to-day life together, click here to learn more about Link – the lightweight, waterproof smart pet wearable packed with features every pet parent needs like GPS tracking, activity monitoring, built-in tone & vibration training tools, an LED flashlight and so much more.

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