Link Story: Dogs and Fireworks - Sarah & Albus

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Link Story: Dogs and Fireworks - Sarah & Albus

Star of the Story: Albus
Pet Parent: Sarah
Home State: Connecticut

It’s a somber statistic that dogs and fireworks do not mix, as more dogs are lost on July 4th than any other day of the year. While firework displays are a beautiful and exciting show of patriotism for humans, they can be an anxiety and fear-inducing experience for our furry friends. Even the most well-trained and obedient pup can make an unpredictable, panicked dash when startled by the booms and pops ringing through the night air.

Longtime Link user, Sarah, is all too familiar with how a 4th of July celebration can quickly turn into a frightening lost dog experience. Albus, Sarah’s docile furry family member, had been worked into a state of stress and anxiety by fireworks sounding off all around their home as neighbors celebrated throughout the evening. When the front door was opened for just a moment, Albus made a mad dash out the door and down the street in a flash.

Thankfully, Albus was wearing his Link. Sarah quickly jumped into action, pulled up the Link My Pet app and began tracking Albus’s location as he ran. She also turned on the LED light on the front of Albus’s Link so he could be easily detected in the dark by any people and vehicles he may have encountered. It served as a beacon in her frantic search, as many passersby pointed her in Albus’s direction noting that they saw the light on his neck.

In his panicked state, Albus had crossed two very busy roads near their home and traveled almost 2 miles by the time Sarah caught up to him. Sarah reported that thanks to the highly accurate GPS readings, she was able to track Albus straight to his exact location and avoid the heartache so many families suffer after a pet is lost on the 4th of July.

Today, Albus the gentle giant continues to delight everyone he encounters as he and Sarah (and his daily stuffed animal of choice) stroll around the neighborhood. He doesn’t go a day without visiting his best friends, two little girls who live on the next street over, and Sarah doesn’t go a day without having Link along for all of Albus’s adventures.


If you’re a Link customer and find yourself in need of lost dog assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Link Concierge team. They’re prepared and ready to assist with GPS tracking updates and community outreach to help our Link users bring their pets home to safety.

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