Link Story: Jenna & Honey

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Link Story: Jenna & Honey

“We loved Link before and now we love them even more.” Jenna found herself saying one day after a scary incident where she realized her dog, Honey, had slipped out of the back gate. 

Jenna noted she likes to have her packages delivered to her back porch, but one day that gave Honey an opening for a little unauthorized adventure. ”Although I regularly check our back gate out of habit, I didn’t this time for whatever reason,” Jenna mentioned.  One Friday afternoon while preparing lunch for her son, she let Honey outside just like she usually does. Flash forward 15 minutes, Jenna goes to let Honey in, and she’s nowhere to be found. Even after shouting some of her favorite phrases like, “Honey, want dinner?" and “time to eat,” she still wouldn’t come around. That’s when Jenna realized the back gate was wide open.

Naturally, the panic started to set in - as any loving dog parent can understand. However, Jenna quickly remembered that Honey was wearing her Link. “Right away I opened my Link app and it showed she was still on our street. I ran out front and saw a woman walking by who said, ‘is that your dog down the street?” Luckily, she saw Honey right down the road playing with another dog. After shouting Honey’s favorite phrases again, she came running towards Jenna. 

“I’m so glad I had the Link to tell me where Honey was. If I didn’t, I would have had to drive around and hope I could find her, or a good Samaritan would find her and call us. She could have been hit by a car. Could’ve ended up getting lost in the state park near us which is densely wooded.” 

It’s not uncommon for our dogs to want to explore, of course without realizing the dangers this poses. Dogs get out, they get lost, and oftentimes, are never reunited with their owners. You never think it’ll happen to you and your pup until it does. However, if your dog has a Link on its collar, the stress of your best friend escaping is nearly eliminated. With Link, you’ll know where your dog is 24/7/365.

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