Link Story: Bones & Michelle

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Link Story: Bones & Michelle

Star of the Story: Indiana Bones
Pet Parent: Michelle
Home State: Indiana

Where in the world is Indiana Bones?

His name is Bones and he’s an English Shepherd highly trained in Nosework skills with an extraordinary spirit of adventure, so much so he earned the full name of Indiana Bones. When he was just a young puppy his pet parent, Michelle, had contractors working on a renovation project in her home. One day while they were hard at work and Michelle was away from home, the contractors let Bones out for a quick potty break but completely forgot about him in the yard. Bones wasted no time making his big escape and exploring his surroundings, leading him miles from home.

Luckily, Bones is a proud member of the Link pack which means he was wearing a Link GPS tracking device on his collar and Michelle could receive alerts when he left a pre-determined safe place (their home) and continue to track his location within the Link app.

When Michelle received the alert that Bones was away from home her heart dropped, even more so as she reviewed his location data and realized her little puppy was traveling alongside train tracks as he got farther and farther from home. She sprang into action tracking Bones to his nearest location as he went in and out of spotty cell tower coverage.

Thanks to her quick action and the location data from Link, Michelle was able to direct the contractors to follow Bones to the area of his most recent GPS location ping, about 2 miles from home. Multiple members of the contractor’s team were all out calling for Bones near the train tracks in the area Michelle provided. Relief washed over them as Bones came running to the sound of his name. They scooped him up and took him back home to safety.

Indiana BonesThese days, an older and wiser Bones is employed as a farm manager at Michelle’s homestead, Skunkspit, and enjoys milder forms of excitement like greeting delivery trucks with his furry sister Gracie in hopes of receiving some scratches and treats. Michelle is at ease knowing she can keep close tabs on her beloved pups’ whereabouts as both Bones and Gracie are always equipped with Link trackers to this day. As Michelle learned, you can never be too careful when it comes to taking care of our beloved furry family members!

If you’re a Link customer and find yourself in need of lost dog assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Link Concierge team. They’re prepared and ready to assist with GPS tracking updates or community outreach to help our Link users bring their pets home to safety.

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