Summer to Fall: 5 Walks to Remember

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Summer to Fall: 5 Walks to Remember

Labor Day signals the traditional start for all things autumn, from football tailgating to pumpkin patch visits. It's also a gentle reminder, there's still time to make the most of the last of summer with your four-legged family member. You might not have time for a California beach getaway or a trip to the Big Apple, but you can take some special walks with your pup no matter where you live. Here are our top five ways to walk and mark the transition from Summer to Fall.

1. Walk for a cause: Participate in a local dog-friendly fundraising event. Whether you're participating in a 5k Mutt Strutt or just strolling with your pup looking at local vendors, a walk with your dog is one of the best things you can do with your canine pal. Helping a charity? That's icing on the cake.

2. Walk with friends: Have you considered joining a local dog walking club? If your area doesn't have one, think about starting your own! Not only will you and your pup make new friends, but you'll enjoy health benefits too. Begin by arranging a meet-and-greet at your local dog park.

3. Walk to school: The end of summer marks the beginning of a new school year, and sometimes dogs develop separation anxiety when the family schedule changes. Consider taking your pup to dog school, where you can find classes on calming techniques, basic obedience, agility and even freestyle dancing.

4. Walk for health: Walking is an essential way to achieve and maintain good health. In addition to improving physical condition, a good walk clears the mind, releases pent up energy and builds companionship between you and your dog. Fire up your Fitbit and compare your walking workout results with your dog's, recorded on the LINK AKC Smart Collar's activity tracker.

5. Walk to build memories: Spending quality time with your pup builds your relationship and gives you time to destress. Use your daily walk to really look at the route you take, and find unusual aspects to appreciate in the people, architecture and changing landscape around you. Record your walks using the virtual scrapbook feature of the LINK AKC Smart Collar app. And don't forget to share your photos on Facebook.

Labor Day weekend offers a wealth of things to do with your dog. No matter what that ends up being, we hope you have a safe and fun Labor Day...and happy walking!

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