The Best Tech Toys for Dogs

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The Best Tech Toys for Dogs

It's no secret that the pet technology market is growing rapidly. Companies are finding more and more ways to keep our canine companions entertained in the most unique ways. Here are 9 favorite choices for pet tech toys and entertainment.

iFetch Automatic Ball Launcher: Invented by the Hamill family, iFetch was the solution to a problem that many of us dog owners can relate to. Their Toy Poodle, Prancer, kept dropping her ball at their feet begging for a game of fetch but they couldn't keep up with her pace of play. They decided to invent a fun device that could toss the ball for them! Their company iFetch now has 3 products in their line:

1. The original iFetch ($115) - This model runs off an AC Adapter or 6 c-cell batteries. You select the distance that suits your space (10, 20 or 30 feet) and once your dog drops the ball in the top, the ball is launched from the machine.

2. The iFetch Too ($199.99) - With a rechargeable battery, this model lasts around 300 throws before needing to juice back up. You can choose to have the ball tossed 10, 25, 40 feet or at random.

3. iFetch Frenzy ($39.95) - No batteries or power required here. It's great for smaller dogs or areas without a lot of space. When your dog drops the ball into the top, it rolls out in a random direction...perfect for your pup to chase!

The GoBone: Considered to be the first "smart bone", this is a bone shaped toy on wheels that can be scheduled to automatically turn off and on while you're away. It can stay on for up to 8 hours at a time! The GoBone app gives you remote control access to the toy so you can "steer" the fun!

Tikr: This is an interactive toy that is egg-shaped with a series of holes around it. Treats are placed inside the Tikr and a timer is set to the length of play you'd like for your pup. As time unwinds, snacks are dispensed for your dog from random holes at random times. You'll be surprised how entertained this simple, battery-free toy keeps your pup!

Petcube Bites: An all-in-one WiFi camera with a built-in treat dispenser not only helps you keep tabs on your pet but also provides an opportunity to train and reward them remotely. You can see, speak to, and entertain your pet when you're not together. If you have a dog with separation anxiety or bad chewing habits, Petcube may be a great product to help!

CleverPet:Gamers listen-up...this is like an xBox for your dog! There are 12 challenging "games" that your dog can play, getting progressively more difficult as they pass each level. From the beginning CleverPet dispenses treats so your dog associates it with something postive. Through trial and error, your pup will learn about the targeted touch pads that are the basis of the games. With time, they will begin to understand the difference between touchpads that are dull vs illuminated. Talk about mental stimulation!

Babble Balls by Pet Qwerks: This ball will surely become one of your dog's new favorites. The Babble Ball makes different sounds during play. Their newest technology is so advanced that a dog can walk by the toy and it makes a sound! It turns off on its own when your dog is done playing as well. Babble Ball comes in the "Talking" and "Animal Sounds" series and in 3 different sizes.

The PupPod: Another positive reinforcement toy for dogs this puzzle is managed directly from an app on your smartphone. The PupPod Wobbler toy uses sounds, lights and timing to create a puzzle game that gets harder based on your dog's performance. The actual rubber shell for the PupPod is a Kong so durable and possibly familiar to your pet.

PlayDate: This product is currently in pre-order (and sold out last we checked) but we still think it's worth a mention! PlayDate is a ball that's not only controlled remotely from your phone, but also has a built-in camera so you can watch your dog enjoy their playtime. It utilizes WiFi and includes two-way audio.

Pooch Selfie: While this one is aimed more at your entertainment, we know how important taking the perfect selfie with your pup is! The Pooch Selfie is an attachment that you clip on your phone and comes with a squeaky tennis ball attachment to help you get your dog's undivided attention. Time to kick-off your dog's celebrity status on Instagram!

While pet technology is the new way to play, there's nothing wrong with the traditional chew toy or classic dog games to keep your pup physically and mentally active. Whatever works best for your pup and makes him/her happiest is the best choice.

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