Tips for a Calm and Happy Holiday

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Tips for a Calm and Happy Holiday

Here are our tried and true tips for a calm and happy holiday season for you, your guests and, most of all, your canine pal.

Anticipate Introductions

Keep your dog calm by asking newcomers to allow your pup to come to them. Share the little-known fact that most dogs actually do not enjoy a stranger patting them on their head and may even perceive an unfamiliar hand extended for a sniff as a threat.

Find a Quiet Space

Co-hosting a festive event can challenge even the calmest and best-behaved dog. Putting your dog in a safe, comfortable place, whether it is in her crate in a quiet room or with a pet sitter, is not punishing your dog but proactively protecting her from an unnerving situation.

Tell Guests Ahead of Time

Including a holiday photo of you and your pup on your party invitation clearly signals you have a canine roommate. Drop-in and plus one visitors can be alerted to your dog's presence by hanging a front-door sign that says "A Spoiled Dog Lives Here."

Avoid Allergic Reactions

Offering to pay for hotel accommodations for an allergic house guest signals you want to see them and you have their comfort foremost in mind. While an air purifier with a HEPA filter might improve air quality, it might not eliminate all pet allergens. Carefully research before purchasing a filter that best suits your needs.

Stay Regular With The Schedule

Keep to your daily schedule of meals and walks. After all, what better way to clear your head from the holiday rush than spending time with your best furry friend? Before walking after dark, make yourself aware of safety guidelines for nighttime adventures.

We hope everyone has a calm and successful holiday celebration. And if you're hosting the festivities, one last reminder to follow our checklist to ensure your pup doesn't enjoy your party foods while your attention is elsewhere!

Food Safety Checklist:

  • Keep dangerous foods like chocolate, grapes, and raisins on high counters and tables. Know which foods are safe.
  • Thaw foods in the fridge to help your dog avoid temptation.
  • Empty kitchen waste baskets frequently during food prep to avoid potentially hazardous leavings.
  • Put host/hostess gifts out of reach.
  • Get a head start on party clean-up by emptying dishes and putting away all foods before going to bed.
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