How to Celebrate Dog Father’s Day

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How to Celebrate Dog Father’s Day

Father's Day. Depending on how much effort you put into holidays, you either have a big day ahead of you or your only plan is to pick up a card and send it to your pops. But there's one more thing. You're a pet parent, so don't forget that your dog is your baby too. You probably won't get any presents (and no, Fido, dead squirrels don't count), but you can still have fun! Here are a few ways to celebrate Father's Day with your dog.

Get Them A Gift

Okay, this one sounds a bit backwards, right? But what's better than watching your best companion fill up with joy at the sight of a new toy? Not a whole lot. The best thing about getting a new toy for your dog is that it's something you can enjoy together.

And just to reinforce the fact that you're the best pet parent around, why not get yourself a cute dog-themed coffee mug or a sticker for your car? That way everyone else knows it too! Your pet can't pay for it themselves, but you know they'd get it for you if they could.

Take Lots Of Pictures Together

There's no such thing as an unphotogenic pooch. Taking photos together is a great way to commemorate Father's Day (or any holiday, really) with something that will really last. If you want to go the extra mile, you can even hire a pet photographer and get professional, framed photos of you and your dog.

Go On A Mini-Vacation

A dog-friendly mini-vacation is something that both of you will love. Want to head to the beach for a day? Do it! Does your pooch love hiking in the mountains with you? Go for it! Whatever activity you guys enjoy is just fine as long as it's safe for both of you. Unfortunately, that eliminates white water rafting and skydiving, but we all have to make compromises — even the world's #1 dog dad.

Bake Some Tasty Treats Together

Food is an essential part of any holiday, so why not bake some together with your dog? Homemade treats are tasty and they tend to be healthier for your pet to boot. To get you started here are a few recipes:

Feel free to search for recipes on your own or to experiment with dog-safe ingredients!

Want to try something different? There are a number of recipes out there for dog-friendly cookies that are also delicious to humans. Take for example this dog treat recipe from Spoon University. All you need is oats, bananas, and peanut butter. Delicious — and healthy — for both you and your dog!

Head To The Dog Park

When all else fails, head to the dog park! Your dog gets the chance to socialize and so do you by talking to all the other pet parents out enjoying Father's Day. Remember, the most important part of being a pet parent on Father's Day is spending time with your dog. It doesn't matter whether it's something involved like a vacation or something simple like a trip to the dog park.

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