A New Year from Your Pup’s Perspective

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A New Year from Your Pup’s Perspective

Whether it's hot yoga or the diet du jour, you love setting out to conquer the New Year with a list of exciting resolutions. Meanwhile, I'm stuck in a rut, eating the usual kibble and chasing the same old tennis ball. This year's going to be different. Here are my five New Year's resolutions for 2019!

1. This holiday season has been a festive free-for-all, and at this rate, we're both headed to hypertension-ville. Carrying around extra weight isn't good for my joints, so let's get to the dog park and get our exercise on more often.

2. They say age is just a number, and I want to prove it by learning new tricks in 2019. I may be another year older, but if you have patience and give me plenty of time to rest between sessions, I might just surprise you.

3. I'm not begging to go Paleo with you, but throw me a bone. A raw diet may give me healthier skin and teeth, and if we're going to fall off the wagon, let's do it together (vegan brownie for you and organic, Earth Animal cookies for me!).

4. Look, if I wasn't supposed to eat those shoes, why make them look so tasty? I rest my case, but if you insist we drop bad habits as our New Year's resolution, let's try making homemade treats that are healthier for me.

5. YouTube cat videos are so last year. The fact that I don't have opposable thumbs and can't spell isn't lost on me, so I expect assistance sharing our adventures with the world.

Are you and your pup determined to make this the best doggone year? Always remember to set realistic goals, keep track of your progress with journal entries, take photos to share with loved ones and never hesitate to treat both of you for a job well done.

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